Level B1

Unit 8 - Lesson 3

Blue and Green Feathers Carnival Facebook Post

Activity 6

Read the text and Answer the Questions with True or False

I could hear the police outside my house but I hadn’t committed any crime. I have lied to my mom a few times, but I hadn’t stolen anything! I got up from my bed and walked to the window to look out and count the police officers at my door. There were five on the street and more in the back. There was no way I could get out without being seen. I would have to give up.

I opened the front door and thought of running away but I realized the policemen were not looking at me but at my neighbor’s house and they couldn’t get near because of the couple of big dogs guarding it. Suddenly, an officer saw me and asked me if they could come in and try to get to my neighbor’s house through the back door. They caught the man but I later found out that he had been accused of being a murderer, and later on he was released because the witness had mistaken him for somebody else.