Level B1

Unit 8 - Lesson 2

Blue and Green Feathers Carnival Facebook Post

Activity 7

Read the text and Answer the Questions with True or False

The city I was born in isn’t too bad but it’s nothing to get too excited about either because it’s very loud with a quite high crime rate. There aren’t many families living downtown since most buildings are offices, shops or department stores, but almost all the people working there have their families in the suburbs and they travel by car, bus or subway every day. There are plenty of museums and several parks where you can take a break from work or just relax on the weekend.  Now my dad’s got a new job in another country and I’m looking forward to moving to another place as I want to see other cities and I prefer quieter and not so crowded places to live in. I don’t mind if there aren’t many butchers, shopping centers or nightclubs to go to as long as it’s peaceful and nice and I meet tons of new friends.