Level B1

Unit 9 - Lesson 4

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Activity 1

Listen and repeat

Activity 2

Write in English - Escribe en inglés

Activity 3

Speaking - say the words

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Activity 4

Drag the words to their definitions

Activity 5

Choose the right option

Simon had been studying to become a lawyer until he realized he didn’t really want that for the rest of his life, so he’s spent the last six months thinking of what he wants to do. He’d like to take up engineering or architecture because he’s quite good at drawing but he failed I.T. in secondary school, so engineering might not be the best choice.

Activity 8

Choose the right option

Simon has to make up his mind soon because he’s got to hand in the paperwork next week and a letter of application the following month. Although his dad and I hope he chooses to become an architect, we’re sure he’d have more job opportunities if he chose to be an engineer as his mom wants him to.