Level A2

Unit 7 - Lesson 2

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Activity 3

Speak the words

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Activity 4

Read the text and choose the correct options

We did lots of team sports at school, like football, volleyball and hockey. But I’m not very fast or strong, so I couldn’t hit or kick a ball hard. Often, members of my team laughed at me, and so I stopped playing sports as soon as I could because it upset me. But later I learned that you can get exercise without otherpeople around. Now I sometimes go cycling, swimming and running, but always on my own. Then no-one can get mad at me when I’m slow!

I used to do every sport I could when I was at school. I loved the exercise, and I also liked being a member of a team. We had some great times together. We travelled to matches by bus, and had parties when we won. Then I was in a terrible car accident three years ago, and I hurt my leg. It still isn’t better. It’s made me really unhappy. The only sport I can do is fishing, and that’s so boring! But a friend of mine has suggesting going sailing. It sounds fun, so I think I’ll try that.

I don’t mind team sports. I’m quite good at baseball and cricket, but I prefer doing sports when there aren’t lots of other people making noise, laughing and telling jokes. That’s why I like surfing. It’s just me and the sea and a few other people who also like quiet, beautiful places. I think I would enjoy horse-riding and skiing too, for the same reason, but those sports are expensive. I already spend a lot travelling to different beaches with my board.